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How to Eliminate Pet Odors For Good!

Jan 5, 2024 | P.U.R.T.

How to Eliminate Pet Odors For Good!

We all love our furry companions, but it can be a bit disheartening if guests pick up on that unmistakable pet aroma in our homes, right? We might not even notice it ourselves, but others do. The good news is, that having a pet doesn’t mean you have to put up with lingering smells. Most of those odors tend to hang out on our carpets, especially if our pets mark their territory or have accidents. Luckily, our team of expert pet urine removal in Sammamish knows exactly how to tackle those persistent odors. They use a specialized process that leaves your carpets looking pristine and your home smelling fresh and inviting. So, say goodbye to pet smells and hello to a clean and fragrant home!

Freshen Up Your Home: Tips to Keep Pet Odors at Bay

To keep your home smelling fresh and pet odor-free, it’s best to prevent them from happening in the first place. Make sure your furry friends are well-groomed and avoid letting them inside when they’re wet or muddy. Take your dogs outside regularly and keep those litter boxes clean to avoid any bathroom mishaps.

Also, don’t forget to vacuum your carpets and upholstery regularly to get rid of loose fur and dander, which can help reduce lingering odors. Stay on top of your cleaning routine and address any accidents promptly. If you’re dealing with fresh urine, use a clean, white rag to soak it up, and don’t hesitate to reach out to our professional pet urine removal experts in Sammamish.

By following these tips, you can maintain a fresh and odor-free environment in your home.

Unveiling the Magic of Our Professional Carpet Cleaners

There is a compelling reason why we recommend contacting our carpet cleaners instead of attempting to eliminate urine stains and odors on your own. At Chem-Dry on the Plateau, we take great pride in our ability to eliminate odors at their source. Unlike some other cleaning products that merely mask the smell, leaving your carpet with a pee scent, our specialty P.U.R.T.® (Pet Urine Removal Treatment) service ensures the removal of urine odors and eliminates unsightly stains. What sets us apart is our gentle approach, which safeguards delicate carpet fibers and makes our service safe for homes with pets.

In Sammamish, our team of professional pet urine removers follows a simple three-step process to get rid of pet smells and stains:


Pet accidents are hardly ever just one-time occurrences. Even if you spot one urine stain, there’s probably more lurking out of sight. That’s why we use ultraviolet light to carefully examine your carpet and uncover these hidden stains. With this advanced technique, we can pinpoint the exact spots where your furry friend made a mess, guaranteeing a thorough cleaning process.

Treatment Application

Once we’ve identified the source of pet odors, we’ll target those areas with our P.U.R.T. process. This treatment is highly effective in getting rid of odor-causing molecules. It goes deep into the carpet, reaching the backing where urine crystals might go unnoticed by regular vacuuming and traditional carpet cleaning methods.

Hot Carbonating Extraction

To get your carpets completely clean, we use our exclusive carpet cleaning system called Hot Carbonating Extraction (HCE). It’s pretty cool because it harnesses the natural power of carbonation to get rid of stubborn dirt and effortlessly lift any leftover gunk from your carpet. Don’t worry, our process is quick and thorough, so we’ll make sure all the unwanted stuff is gone!

Why You Can Trust Chem-Dry to Get Rid of Pet Smells

We get it – having a clean and odor-free living space is super important for homeowners, right? That’s why we’ve put in the effort to make our P.U.R.T. process the best at getting rid of pet smells. We’ve even teamed up with an independent lab to run some serious studies on it. And guess what? The results are pretty impressive! They found that P.U.R.T. successfully eliminates a pet urine odors from carpets. We tested it with the most common odor sources found in dog and cat urine, and those persistent compounds were practically gone from the tested carpet samples. We’re all about making sure our customers enjoy a clean and fresh environment – that’s our commitment to you!

Could you benefit from pet urine removal in Sammamish to remove pet smells from your carpet? Give Chem-Dry on the Plateau a call at (425) 373-3474 today to book your appointment and take the first step towards a cleaner, better-smelling carpet! 

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