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Chem-Dry’s Secret to Cleaner Carpets: Hot Carbonating Extraction

Feb 4, 2024 | Carpet Cleaning

Chem-Dry’s Secret to Cleaner Carpets: Hot Carbonating Extraction

When it comes to pristine carpets in your home, you should settle for nothing less than the best professional carpet cleaning in Maple Valley, WA. For homeowners and business owners alike, understanding the cleaning process used in your home or business is as important as the company you trust to perform the service.

Carpets are a critical component of your comfort at home, especially for young children or pets who spend time on the floor. That’s why examining the cleaning formulas and methods used by professionals is essential for ensuring the best care for your carpets.

Today, let’s explore the proprietary cleaning process behind Chem-Dry on the Plateau: Hot Carbonating Extraction (HCE). We’ll dig into how this innovative method not only delivers superior cleaning results but also ensures health and safety for your family and the environment.

The Origin of Hot Carbonating Extraction

Our unique carpet cleaning process, HCE, was a brainchild of Chem-Dry’s founder, Robert Harris. More than forty years ago, Harris embarked on a mission to find a more effective carpet cleaning solution than the prevalent steam cleaning methods. His eureka moment came when he realized how carbonation’s effervescent qualities could lift dirt from fabrics efficiently. This innovative idea led to the development of HCE, a technique Chem-Dry technicians, including our team at Chem-Dry on the Plateau in Maple Valley, WA, rely on for unmatched cleaning performance.

The Power of Carbonation Over Conventional Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning, by design, saturates carpets with water and detergents, leaving them wet for extended periods and potentially leading to the unwelcome growth of mold and mildew. The soapy residues often attract more dirt soon after cleaning, trapping homeowners in a frustrating cycle of constant cleaning.

Our HCE process turns this traditional method on its head by utilizing The Natural®—a carbonated cleaning solution free from harsh chemicals, soaps, or detergents. Borrowing gentle ingredients from Mother Nature herself, The Natural® is not only tough on dirt but also safe and non-toxic for families, pets, and allergy sufferers.

During HCE, The Natural®’s tiny carbonated bubbles penetrate deeply to dislodge soil and grime from carpet fibers. These contaminants are then extracted with powerful equipment, and because our method uses about 80% less water than steam cleaning, carpets dry in hours, not days.

Why Homeowners in Maple Valley, WA Choose Our Services

Opting for HCE means enjoying fresher and cleaner carpets that remain spotless for longer periods. This translates to less frequent cleaning, reduced wear and tear, and extended carpet lifespan—resulting in cost savings and extra convenience for you.

For the most stubborn stains or pet-related accidents, our team at Chem-Dry on the Plateau provides additional specialty treatments, including Specialty Stain Removal and Pet Urine Removal Treatment (P.U.R.T.®), to address any carpet cleaning challenge you might face.

Ready for the Chem-Dry Experience?

Experience the revolutionary benefits of Hot Carbonating Extraction with our expert carpet cleaning in Maple Valley, WA. Rest assured that our professional team is dedicated to delivering deep clean results that can revitalize your carpets and help them look their best for years to come.

Don’t settle for anything less. Connect with our Maple Valley carpet cleaning specialists at Chem-Dry on the Plateau. Call (425) 373-3474 to schedule an appointment and experience the transformational power of HCE today!

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